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VJ Corona Map Updated: 2020-04-10 17:13:41 KST

Unverified information about COVID-19
increases public confusion and fear.

As a solution, one university student's novel idea:

The development of a map that shows
confirmed COVID-19 patients' travel routes

LEE Dong-hun, Corona Map Developer

The Corona Map is a service that shows confirmed patients' travel routes
for your current location as well as the surrounding areas.
If you click the circle, it shows which patient traveled where and when.
It's color coded so that it is easier to see.

You can use the mask map to check
if face masks are in stock at nearby pharmacies

LEE Dong-hun, Corona Map Developer

Everybody is still nervous but people are making a lot of effort
so I hope we can all fight together.
I too hope that the day Corona Map can shut down comes soon.

In difficult times, the positive influence of warm hearts
helps fight against COVID-19.
KOGL : Korea Open Government License
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