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Ethiopians donate blood to show solidarity with S. Korea amid COVID-19 outbreak Updated: 2020-03-11 13:16:24 KST

This group of around 15 Ethiopians are visiting a blood center in central Seoul.
With the number of donors in Korea falling sharply due to the COVID-19 outbreak, these good-hearted people are helping out by giving their blood.
They say they have decided to do this not only to encourage other foreigners to take part, but also because Ethiopia has special ties with South Korea.

"In history Koreans and Ethiopians have their own history like suffering the war in 1952. Our grandfathers came here to support Korea so we wanted to continue that legacy to the next generation or this one."

All of this started thanks to a group of three or four people who wanted to help those suffering due to the virus. Through their efforts, already at least 50 people have volunteered so far.

"This is a very hard time for Korea but as a nation, they are setting a lot of examples. There are like medical examinations for vast number of people, which is unseen in any other countries. Koreans are doing a lot of great things, we are encouraged by that and we wanted to encourage our brothers as well."

After they check their body temperature and clean their hands with sanitizers, they fill out a health questionnaire to see if they can donate blood.
Fortunately lots of them were able to donate.
And those who couldn't give blood say that they will show their solidarity with South Korea in other ways.

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“As you can see I tried to donate my blood but unfortunately I couldn’t. So I will try to help anything I can do like, we bought 500 masks and we already sent Daegu. We will continue.”

If you want to be part of this cause, you can message one of the organizers, Joe David, through kakaotalk, or call the Red Cross at 033-811-0088.

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"With the belief that even small efforts can be of great help, these foreigners have rolled up their sleeves to help South Korea. And amid the current blood shortages in the country, these small efforts could save someone’s life.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News."
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