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Live Link Up with Chinese Researcher Searching for COVID-19 Vaccine Updated: 2020-02-21 17:23:34 KST

As epidemiologists try to stay ahead of the spread of novel coronavirus or COVID-19, medical researchers around the world have been focusing on vaccine developments some zooming in on the "spike" proteins that festoon viral surfaces.
How far along are we? When can we expect vaccine for COVID-19 to be commercialized?
Among those on the frontlines is a researcher in China who began this race early on, understandbly so, as China is where COVID-19 first broke out roughly two months ago.
Joining us live via Skype is Dr. Zhang Linqi, Professor at the School of Medicine at Tsinghua University. Professor Zhang, thanks for joining us.

First of all, as a Chinese researcher, you must have the most clinical data of the pathogen from both patients and recovered patients. What about this novel virus do we know so far?

Your primary research interest has been the origin and spread of HIV pathogens with a focus on the course of disease and treatment. What triggered you to move away from the that and jump on to vaccine development for COVID-19? Are there similarities?

How far are we from this vaccine or COVID-19 treatment from being commercialized?

Until then, what do we need to be most careful about in containing this novel coronavirus epidemic?

Dr. Zhang Linqi, Professor at the School of Medicine at Tsinghua University, best of luck to you and your team. Thank you for speaking to us tonight.
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