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Massive rally marks half-year milestone of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests Updated: 2019-12-09 16:15:47 KST

The police granted rare permission to a march held by Hong Kong citizens, organized by the Civil Human Rights Front, and the gathering was largely peaceful.
The organizers estimated the turnout at around 800-thousand, while the police released a tally of about 183-thousand.
Many demonstrators held up five fingers that represent their five demands, which include the release of all demonstrators who have been detained, an investigation into police misconduct during the protests, and free, democratic elections.

"For Hong Kong people, we hope this will be our signature for our movement after six months to show to Carrie Lam as well as the world that people are not giving up, people will still fight for our freedom and democracy."

It was June 9th, when more than a million Hong Kong citizens took to the streets in protest over a controversial extradition bill.
Protesters said the bill, which allows authorities to send suspected criminals to mainland China and elsewhere, could expose people to an unfair judicial system and allow China to cripple its political opponents.
A week later, 2 million people marched through the heart of Hong Kong's financial district to voice their opposition to the bill.
Although Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has since retracted the bill, protesters say it is too little, too late.
They are now demanding greater democracy in Hong Kong, with anti-government sentiment being fueled by anger with violent police tactics during the months-long protests.
In more recent months, violent unrest has spread out to most parts of Hong Kong, causing significant disruption.
According to the Hong Kong daily Ming Pao, police have arrested nearly 6,000 people between June 9th and December 5th, and among them, roughly 2,300 were students.
Tensions reached fever pitch in November, when police shot a 21-year-old demonstrator and a student died after falling from a parking lot near a protest site.
Eum Ji-young Arirang News.
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