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ASEAN-Korea Joint Statement and future partnerships Updated: 2019-11-26 17:22:31 KST

The two main sessions of this year's ASEAN-Korea Commemorative Summit concluded today with the announcement of the ASEAN-Korea Joint Vision Statement.
The statement contains detailed ways to further boost economic and security ties between South Korea and ASEAN member nations as well as visions of strategic partnerships in various other sectors such as people-to-people exchanges.
Today we go in-depth on the 2019 ASEAN-Korea joinst statement and more with Dr. Lee Jae-hyon, of the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

1. During a joint press conference held this afternoon, President Moon Jae-in stressed that South Korea and ASEAN have agreed to expand people-to-people exchanges. He also vowed to ease regulations on visas and to support Southeast Asians living in South Korea. What are the implications of boosted civil-level exchanges?

2. How did you see the various sideline events that were held yesterday and today, including the ASEAN-ROK CEO summit, the start up summit and also the innovation showcase? What kind of outcome would those events lead to?

3. The need for close economic cooperation between South Korea and ASEAN nations, especially at a time when trade protectionism is becoming a major challenge to the global economy, was reaffirmed by the two sides. How did you see the economic clauses contained in the joint statement?

4. A separate session was held to discuss security issues on the Korean Peninsula, for the first time in summits with ASEAN nations. How important is the role of ASEAN in building permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula?

5. The first-ever Mekong-Korea summit will be held tomorrow, which will conclude with a joint declaration, as well. What kind of outcomes do you expect from tomorrow's talks?

6. President Moon will wrap up his summitry with nine ASEAN leaders tomorrow. Based on this year's summit, what more needs to be done to make further progress of his 'New Southern Policy'?
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