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Life & Info: Cafes turn into botanical gardens, art galleries to attract customers Updated: 2019-09-18 07:03:50 KST

Now, we're going to talk about unique cafe trends in South Korea.
For that, we have our Yoon Jung-min in the studio.
Jung-min, normally, we think of run-of-the-mill coffee shops when we talk about cafes, but there are some unique places in Seoul and other Korean cities.

Yes, Mark. As people in South Korea drink more and more coffee, not only menus but CAFES themselves are also changing.
People don't go to cafes for JUST a cup of coffee, but rather to take a rest, read or even enjoy art, while enjoying a beverage.
Responding to these demands, coffee shops are changing into places with various concepts.

For example, there are 'botanical garden' cafes. A coffee shop in downtown Seoul displays a variety of plants at the shop to provide a more pleasant environment for their customers.
People can relax,while enjoying the fresh air.

"I see more green plants than other shops here and it's spacious and quiet. I often visit this cafe because I can feel the fresh air thanks to the plants."

The customers can also buy plants at the coffee shop.
These days, more people don't just consume products but want a better service.
That's why many shops care more about interior design.
They say it's equally important to provide quality products and leave a good impression on customers.
And cafes are becoming a nice place for emotional healing in the busy city.

I see why demand for these kind of cafes is on the rise. And since you said there are various concepts,what other cafes can we check out?

Well, now I want to talk about gallery cafes. People visit these coffee shops when they want to enjoy artworks and talk about them with others.

As you can see in the video,paintings are lined up alongside the corridor.
You might wonder whether this place is an art gallery, but in fact, it's a coffee shop.
Customers say they like the idea that they can enjoy cultural life at a nearby coffee shop.

"People usually go to art galleries to enjoy paintings, but I can enjoy them here with coffee. I came here to see the art with some drinks."

"This place is divided into the exhibition section and the cafe section. Here, our customers can get some emotional healing through the artworks. The garden is also nice so I hope this place can be shared by many people."

The shop also sells the paintings, too, the exhibition plans by different painters are updated.
Also, some groups regularly gather at the shop to read books together for a discussion.
So, now, the coffee shop is even functioning as a place to talk and learn.

Cool. And I guess it's because these cafes want to provide different services for their customers.

Right. In fact, cafes are changing into more different concepts, too, like study rooms.
So, it's already part of their marketing strategy. Take a listen to what an expert thinks.

"There are already a number of cafes in Korea, so they have to be competitive. More coffee shops are changing into a nice place for a rest and a chat. They want to provide more premium services than other shops."

Experts say this trend will keep growing, as there will be more and more demand from customers seeking quality service.

Well, that was useful information. As always, thanks, Jung-min.

My pleasure. Thank you, Mark.
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