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Almost all industries could be affected by Japan's removal of S. Korea from whitelist Updated: 2019-08-28 16:06:33 KST

At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, South Korea was removed from Japan's whitelist of trusted trading partners.
According to the Korean Security Agency of Trade and Industry, over one,one-hundred items, including 857 non-sensitive items, are classified as strategic goods by Japan and will face tighter controls.
Among the non-sensitive items are high-tech materials, electronics, machinery, computers, sensors, navigation equipment, and many other items often used for military purposes other than weaponry.

"Korean companies that have been buying machinery from Japan will wish to keep using the same products because machinery such as inspection equipment is standardized for Japanese products."

Even for non-strategic goods, shipping to countries excluded from the list could require case by case approval if Japan thinks it necessary.
In effect, industries across the board except for food and lumber could be affected at any time if Tokyo decides to implement a tighter screen.
The Korean government is paying closer attention to 159 items in particular.

Exporters in Japan have to get case-by-case approval from the government every six months for shipping to non-whitelist countries unless they follow Tokyo's Internal Compliance Program.
The approval may take about 90 days for non-whitelist countries,while it usually takes about a week for whitelist countries.
Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.
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