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Rise of Newtro trend in Korea Updated: 2019-07-24 16:10:45 KST

A combination of the words new and retro, 'newtro' refers to a new interpretation of retro culture.
Newtro is growing in popularity across the retail industry, with those in their teens and twenties spreading newtro related goods or experiences on Instagram.
In Euljiro in downtown Seoul, there are more than a dozen boutique shops that sell dresses, suits and other clothes and accessories from the late 19th to early 20th century, or the so-called 'Enlightenment period' in Korea.

"The first shop appeared late last year thanks to the popularity of Korean dramas like Mr. Sunshine that showcased culture of the early 1990s. Those dresses became popular among the 20s, and it's continued throughout this year. The number of boutique shops is continuing to grow as demand from those in their 30s and 40s also went up."

Old buildings in Euljiro have been renovated into restaurants and stores, combining modern facilities and products with traditional interior design.
This cafe is decorated in the style of the 1900s, and the wooden tables, ceiling, tea pots and mirrors look traditional.

"I like how it's traditional tea but it's in these iced glasses, which is interesting. We have heard of the lifestyle of the 1900s but never experienced it first-hand. I was always curious about it and it's nice to experience it like this."

"Newtro is a new interpretation of the past. It triggers nostalgia from the older generation and weighs on curiosity who want something new, hip from the younger generation. For businesses, products are flooding the market and there's a limit to new content. So this newtro really hits the demand."

This newtro trend has also hit the food and beverage industry, and even the global game industry, with Nintendo and Tencent coming up with retro games like Super Mario Bros.
Seizing the interest of both the older and younger generation, experts say the newtro trend will likely continue to evolve and last for some time.
Kim Hyesung, Arirang News.
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