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S. Korea allows biz people to visit Gaeseong Industrial Complex Updated: 2019-05-17 19:14:55 KST

The South Korean government has decided to allow businesspeople with equipment and facilities at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, to return for the first time since it was shut down in 2016.

"The government has approved this trip to the North as it relates to the protection of South Korean people's property. The government will do its utmost to ensure that the businesspeople can check on their assets."

The Unification Ministry said the trip will be made by around 200 personnel.
The National Security Council said it will also provide support for the trip so that it can happen soon.

It was the ninth request from the business owners. The government had turned the last eight requests over roughly the last three years.

Washington maintains the reopening of the complex would violate UN sanctions against the North, but Seoul has repeatedly explained that the purpose of the trip to Gaeseong is about checking on the equipment and facilities, not the reopening of the complex, a position the Unification Ministry says the U.S. fully understands.

But for the trip to happen, Pyeongyang has to cooperate.
The Unification Ministry says it has spoken with North Korea about the trip but isn't giving any more details about how or when the two Koreas will hold discussions.

The businesspeople who made the request welcomed the government's decision, but added that for this trip to be meaningful, they need to be able to inspect their machines and find ways to maintain them.
Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News
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