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Yang's deflection of blame may have backfired in arrest ruling: Experts Updated: 2019-01-24 18:39:18 KST

In a session that lasted almost six hours, the prosecution, Yang and his lawyers made their cases for and against arrest.
Yang said an arrest isn't justified, but this round went to the prosecutors.

The court generally reviews four points before issuing a warrant.
First the allegations brought against the accused have to be clear, meaning that evidence links him or her to a crime.
They also have to be serious or undermine the rule of law -- as prosecutors put it, "the very foundations of law."
And the court should be able to see a risk that the accused might destroy evidence or flee.
The judge said Yang satisfied all counts except the last one.

Yang's defense seemed to have backfired.
He consistently called evidence against him "false or manipulated" and blamed either his subordinates or lapses of memory.
According to some experts familiar with the case, those denials and deflections of blame might have aroused suspicions in the judge that Yang could destroy evidence.

Of course, Yang's guilt, or lack thereof, will be determined at trial.
But this first test seems to indicate that the judge favors the arguments of the prosecution, so it might be a struggle for Yang and his team.
Choi Si-young, Arirang News.
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