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CES 2019 kicks off in Las Vegas Tuesday Updated: 2019-01-10 10:07:27 KST

45-hundred tech companies, and more than 180-thousand people from 150 countries.

"It's CES, the world’s biggest tech show. Global tech giants are showing off their latest products and innovations, ranging from AI and robots to autonomous cars and smart homes."

Artificial Intelligence, in particular, can be seen in almost every type of prouct at the show.

"Evolve, connect and open is how we will shape a new future of AI in electronics. And to that vision of AI, for trully intelligent living, we name gave a name LG Think Q."

LG ThinQ makes proactive recommendations based on the owner's personal preferences via sensors and voice recognition.
Thanks to AI, your fridge will tell you when you're running low on milk and then order some on your behalf.
Your vacuum cleaner will know when to clean the floor, and your washing machine will know how long to wash your clothes.
Robots are no longer just industrial robots for manufacturing but also lovely pets embedded with AI that can feel your senses.

"whether it be somebody who can't take care of their own dog, or those with allergy."

And smart cars have become even smarter.
Global automakers have unveiled their upgraded versions of autonomous cars that are safer and more efficient, with a range of in-car infotainment, where you can exercise, play games, or do virtual shopping.
Flying cars are also coming closer to reality.
With six ducted fans, the hybrid electric aircraft takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter, but it's cheaper and doesn't make as much noise.

"So we are actually partnered with Uber and developing the requirements for the urban air taxi."

As in the past, the battle to be the king of televisions continues between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.
But this year, 5G is a key driving theme, with mobile carriers, software and hardware companies showing their prototypes and detailed timelines of how 5G can disrupt the health and transportation industries and help create smart cities.

The 52nd consumer electronics show will run through Friday, and the tech world's biggest players and most innovative startups are vying for attention, hoping their products will drive the next big tech trend.
Kim Hyesung, Arirang News, Las Vegas.
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