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No ICBMs displayed at military parade celebrating N. Korea's 70th birthday Updated: 2018-09-10 07:12:35 KST

The North Korean regime turned 70 on Sunday.
It celebrated with balloons, flowers and another massive military parade in the capital, Pyeongyang.
Military vehicles and more than 10-thousand troops marched across Kim Il-sung square, as leader Kim Jong-un watched along with guests of honor from other countries, including Li Zhanshu , the number-three man in China, sent by Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

But reporters at the scene say, unlike previous years, there was no display of North Korea's highly-prized ballistic missiles.
That's a stark contrast to the celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of its military, back in February, when the North showcased its Hwasong-14 and 15 ICBMs, which can deliver nuclear weapons to any city in the U.S. mainland.

"I think the message from Pyeongyang was clear that it was a sign of restraint. Because for some time, for now, dialogue between the United States and North Korea have remained in stalemate. And the inter-Korean summit is coming up pretty shortly. So I guess on North Korea's part they don't want to be mistaken as a sign of provocation if they went ahead with inter ballistic missiles."

Instead, this year's celebrations focused on the regime's economy.
Civilians paraded across the square with floats displaying messages about socialism.
And although there was no speech from the North Korean leader himself, the ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong-nam , addressed the public with a softer tone, emphasizing the regime's initiatives for economic reform.
Experts say that as long as the momentum for dialogue continues, North Korea will hold back on its nuclear ambitions, and concentrate more on its economic growth and improving the lives of its people.

Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.
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