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In-depth Updated: 2018-06-13 16:08:12 KST

The historic summit finally happened yesterday.
The cherry on top was the joint document produced by the leaders of North Korea and the U.S.
To thoroughly review the potential impact of the meeting and its outcome, we have Dr. Woo Jeong-yeop of the Sejong Institute joining us once again.
Welcome, Dr. Woo.

Good to be here.

The most concerning part is stopping war games.
- Wouldn't reducing troop presence be the natural next step.

Trump unilaterally made a decision that should require the consent of Seoul.
- What other areas could he take such actions again?

What are some of the positives we can get out of this meeting, other than keeping the door for greater communication open?
- Wasn't enough of that done during the inter-Korean summit?

Kim promised to dismantle another weapons facility according to Trump.
-How valid is that promise, made after the deal.
-What led Kim to make such an offer?
Out of gratitude? Was planning to anyway?

South Korea's role, the president, the defense, unification ministry.
-Will we no longer see fickleminded behavior by the North?

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