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Kim-Trump summit making headlines in international media Updated: 2018-06-13 14:09:24 KST

The summit between North Korea's Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump did come to a close yesterday, but it still remains the hot topic around the world.
None more so than in Singapore, where the historic event took place. And so it's where to turn now, to connect with our correspondent Lee Ji-won who has been covering the summit from the ground for us.
Ji-won, I see you are at the International Media Center. What has it been like there and how is the summit being covered by the other foreign media outlets there?

Jang-ho, like you said, the two leaders' meeting is still making the headlines around the world.
We got to talk to some of the reporters in the International Media Center to hear what they think about the summit.

"I think this is a great success for the two leaders and for the people in the Northeast Asia countries including Japan. This is the beginning of a new era in which the two adversaries try to overcome their controversies."

"True although it was light on details, I think this represents an overall positiveness in North Korea-U.S. relations which hadn't existed before."

But there was some skepticism about the summit's outcome

"I'm afraid that many Japanese people are not so satisfied with the agreement. For example, there is no mention of abduction cases and they did not agree on how to make the denuclearization. Many people are skeptical of the agreement."

To give you a brief recap of what the other media around the world said, Washington Post reported that the summit was a huge success for the North Korean leader, saying that President Trump made huge concession to Kim.
China's state-run Xinhua News Agency was more optimistic, saying that the summit heralds a thaw in Pyongyang-Washington ties.
It also contained Beijing's response to the summit where the State Councilor and Foreign Minister highlighted the significance of the summit, which China had long called for.
Now, the general consensus the media seemed to have is that this surely is a step towards a new opening, but the joint statement lacks details and has vague wordings.

We'll be going over some of those concerns with an expert in the studio later, but sticking with the summit for now, we obviously know both leaders left Singapore last night, Kim Jong-un is expected to have arrived in Pyongyang by now, but we have yet to receive any confirmation on Trump's touch-down in Washington. Is that right?

Yes, in fact U.S. President Donald Trump,… even before landing in his home country,… tweeted about the summit with his North Korean counterpart this morning.
His tweet reads, "the world has taken a big step back from potential Nuclear catastrophe No more rocket launches, nuclear testing or research "
And he also thanked Kim, saying their "day together was historic."
And as for the departures, North Korea's Kim Jong-un left Singapore at around 11:20 PM yesterday, and he is expected to have arrived in North Korea this morning. But another Chinese private jet that left together from Singapore landed in Beijing early this morning. There is speculation that some North Korean officials could've dropped by Beijing to deliver the summit results to China.
Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump left about 30 minutes earlier than expected, at 6-thirty local time, on his Air Force One, from the Paya Lebar Airbase, just as he came into the city state.
On his plane, Trump talked with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at around 8-twenty to share the results of the Joint Statement with North Korea.
He is known to have stopped over at airbases in Guam and Hawaii to encourage U.S. forces and is expected to arrive at the White House sometime Wednesday morning.

This has been Lee Ji-won covering the Kim Jong-un Trump summit from Singapore.
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