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N. Korean, U.S. leaders to leave for Capella Hotel soon Updated: 2018-06-12 08:34:22 KST

The summit is on.
The first-ever North Korea-U.S. summit is to kick-start in just an hour and we are expecting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump will soon leave their hotels and head to Sentosa Island, where today's summit venue, Capella Hotel, is located.
Let's connect to our Oh Jung-hee who's on the ground for us.
She's part of Arirang's Singapore summit special coverage team.
Jung-hee, do we have any idea on when exactly the two will leave and how they'll make their ways?

Good morning, Semin and Mark.
There is nothing determined or confirmed for sure on when the leaders will leave their hotels and which route they'll take to the summit venue.
But as we all know, their meeting is to start at 9 and their hotels are 20 minutes away from the Capella Hotel.
So we believe they will start moving after 8AM -- very soon, in fact.
And we also do have some idea of what route Kim and Trump could take to Capella Hotel -- it's what you see on the screen right now.
Their hotels are very near to each other -- only a few hundred meters apart.
So, if the two leaders both decide to take the fastest route to Sentosa island, then we believe a significant portion of their routes will overlap.
The two leaders' routes are expected to overlap starting from the Irwell Bank Road, with the route then following the River Valley Road.
I was at the site early this morning and I saw several police officers gathered at that small intersection, maybe to beef up security on the road.

As for Sentosa Island where the Capella Hotel is located, businesses will run as usual and the gateway to the island won't be blocked completely.
But some traffic lanes will be blocked and visitors will be randomly picked for baggage checks. and definitely, the areas surrounding the Capella Hotel will be restricted.
Back to you, guys.
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