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New industries and technologies for country's ecosystem Updated: 2018-05-18 10:43:24 KST

What will the future of South Korea's industrial ecosystem look like?.
Kim Dong-yeon, the Minister of Strategy and Finance, reported on the progress of plans that have been implemented in the past six month to nurture new industries and create more small and mid-sized enterprises.

During the presentation, Kim has outlined 8 key sectors where the government has decided to provide funding, and other incentives to cope with the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution.
And out of those 8, 3 model industries have been designated by the government, with related firms in the sector being given the chance to showcase their new technology.
All of these efforts are being made to promote innovative growth in Korea, under the new industrial ecosystem.

First, the smart farm,… where an AI-equipped big data sensor collects information on temperature, humidity and CO2 to maintain optimum conditions inside a farm.
Utilizing the information,… it controls the farming environment, through opening or closing the ceiling of the greenhouse, supplying water, and even spraying mist inside the farm.

Next, the smart factory was introduced to monitor and control output in the assembly lines through using IOT technology, a possible means to counter falling productivity in the country's manufacturing sector and reduce the defect rate.

The digital twin system can connect people and objects based on big data information, analyzing, predicting, and controlling reality in the virtual world.
By applying the digital twin technology in the real world, the government hopes to solve urban development problems by running simulations on facility installation management and sunlight analysis for example, to build a convenient and smart future city.
The trial model for building a smart city is likely to be introduced in Busan and Sejong.

These farms, factories and cities, which are linked with smart IOT technology are designed to exist in harmony within current industrial landscape, while bringing the country up to speed on the upcoming 4th Industrial Revolution.
Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.
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