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Moon pledges to renegotiate with U.S. on THAAD deployment terms Updated: 2017-05-05 15:36:16 KST

Marking Children's Day in the nation, Democratic Party of Korea's presidential nominee Moon Jae-in kicked off the day meeting up with a special group of children and their families.


" I pledge to create a society where no one is prejudiced because they are different. We must together make a country where more childcare support is given to those in need; to those with children who need special care, special education."


As the last of the early votes flowed in, Democratic Party of Korea's Moon Jae-in continued his campaigning in the nation's southeast visiting cities in Pohang and Busan.

"Moon told voters that he and only he is the one who can revive the Korean economy based on strong national security; who can work with the U.S. to resolve the 1-billion dollar price tag for THAAD; the one who is better prepared than anyone .. to lead this nation."

The deployment of THAAD to South Korea has again emerged as a hot potato in this presidential election as U.S. President Donald Trump alienated many in this country with his recent demand that the Seoul government pay one billion U.S. dollars for the U.S. missile defense system.

Moon vowed to renegotiate the deployment if he is elected president and take charge of the issue.


""Allies need to be straight forward with each other to enhance the alliance. We need a president who can speak his mind to the U.S., China, Japan and even North Korea. We need to take the leading role in issues regarding the Korean peninsula."

Moon wrapped up the day in Busan and emphasized that it is crucial to gain a landslide victory in his hometown and called on his supporters to vote on election day for a change of government.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.
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