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Korean reserachers introduces Turbo-CAN, an enhanced Controller Area Network for processing sophisticated data in automobiles Updated: 2016-06-28 23:00:08 KST

An enhanced data transmission technology for vehicles has been designed by researchers at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology in Korea.
Compared to the standard format Controller Area Network, or CAN..the newly developed Turbo-CAN transfers data at a much faster speed, the rate of a hundred-Megabytes per second from a previous 1 megabyte per second..

CAN is a multiplex wiring design that allows devices in a vehicle to communicate with each other without a host computer.
Preventing the need for large multi-core wiring harnessesCAN was developed to sort out and simplify the vehicle's wiring and transmission systems.

CAN is suitable for processing applications with relatively low data capacity such as sending brake or lighting signals. But with the automobile industry now producing self-driving cars that come with complex programs such as camera sensors or auto speed controllers, CAN has become outdated.

Enter Turbo-CAN, a system that uses a passband signal processing. Turbo-CAN processes complicated data up to a hundred times faster than CAN, and is suitable for passing information with a high data capacity.

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"Turbo-CAN is compatible with the standard CAN, which means it still uses the same type of connection system but utilizing passband bandwidth, it effectively transfers sophisticated information at a much faster rate."

Turbo-CAN is expected to be commercialized within 2 years. Researchers added that replacing CAN with Turbo-CAN will reduce the information bottleneck in networks and act a catalyst for further development in the automobile industry.
Lee Un-shin, Arirang News.
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