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Professors declare boycott against government-issued history text Updated: 2015-10-16 03:48:00 KST

Dozens of history professors from the country's most prestigious universities, including Korea and Yonsei University, have issued statements against the government's decision to publish a single history textbook starting in 2017.
Thirteen history professors at Yonsei University issued a statement earlier this week saying they will not participate in the process of making the textbook in any way.
They were joined by 22 history professors at Korea University, who said they can't allow the government to push ahead with the plan,
and nine history professors at Kyung Hee University, who issued a similar statement.
More statements were issued Thursday
by professors at several more universities, including Ewha Womans, Busan National and Sungkyunkwan.
And as the momentum builds, more university faculty members are considering joining the campaign.

Against this backdrop, Korea's rival parties continue to promote their positions on the matter.
The conservative ruling Saenuri Party held a general meeting for its lawmakers on Thursday
to confirm its view that the current textbooks should be corrected, in consideration of Korea's unique situation as a country divided.

"It is paramount for students to establish a proper, balanced perspective on the nation, as Korea is the world's only divided country, where the deep pangs of ideological confrontation remain."

On the other side of the political aisle, the main opposition party hailed the professors' statements.

"University professors have declared their objections at the risk of incurring disadvantages from the education ministry in university evaluations, research funds and the like. We respect their conscience."

The party says it is planning to organize rallies outside of parliament, in conjunction with the general public and academia, to pressure the government to withdraw the plan.
The education ministry is slated to confirm its decision early next month.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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