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North Korea fires rocket toward South's loudspeakers Updated: 2015-08-20 18:32:47 KST

Earlier today, the two Koreas exchanged artillery rounds at the western border.
For the latest on escalating tensions at the DMZ, let's connect to our defense ministry correspondent Kim Hyun-bin.

Ji-hye. It was 3:53 p.m. and 4:12 p.m. this afternoon when North Korea fired several artillery shell across the border targeting South Korea's propaganda loudspeakers right along the military demarcation line.
Seoul defense ministry announced earlier Thursday that a shell firing was picked up on radar moving towards the South's western front, but that there were no reports of damage.
An hour or so after the attack, the South Korean military responded with tens of 155mm artillery rounds at the origin of attack.

"Our military has up its security condition to the highest level and looking for any unusual movements from North Korea. We will strongly counter any future provocation from the North."

The ministry said an evacuation order was issued for nearby areas, and more than two thousand residents were evacuated. Even the highest alert, Jindogae-1, was issued along some parts of the border.

North Korea has said it will take military action if South Korea does not stop broadcasting propaganda messages at the border.
Tell us more about that.

Sure. The announcement came just an hour after the firing.at 5 pm from North Korea's general staff department. North Korea has said South Korea has 48 hours to stop broadcasting the messages or it will take strong military action.
In a separate letter, North Korea's ruling Workers' Party secretary Kim Yang-Gon urged the head of South Korea's National Security Office, Kim Kwan-jin, to halt all propaganda broadcasts, calling the messages a declaration of war.
The letter also said North Korea would make efforts to improve inter-Korean ties if the South shuts down the loudspeakers.
But South Korea's defense ministry says it has no plans to stop its anti-Pyongyang broadcasts.
North Korea has refused to admit or apologize for recent landmine explosions in the DMZ that severely injured two South Korean soldiers.
It was the explosions that drove the South to resume the broadcasts for the first time in eleven years.
Since then North Korea has demanded that the South tear down its loudspeakers or risk indiscriminate attacks as a consequence.
That's all I have for now will bring more updates in our later newscasts.

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