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In-depth Prof. Park Hwee-rak Updated: 2015-08-19 18:49:34 KST

North Korea blurts out its usual rhetoric sometime before and during joint military drills between Seoul and Washington.
That's nothing new, but the regime crossed the line by maiming 2 South Korean soldiers.
Seoul responded with a renewed, aggressive stance against the Communist State, and the eye for an eye attitude is quite visible on both sides.
In the studio today to share his insights into the escalating inter-Korean tensions is Doctor Park Hwee-rak, professor of Politics and Leadership at Kukmin University.
Thank you for making time for us.

Thanks for having me.

What is your take on South Korea's current eye for an eye, rapid response to the latest North Korean provocation?

The regime upped the ante with their own speakers. How does that change the psychological battleground?

How dangerous and real are nuclear threats from the North, especially considering how inter-Korean tensions have escalated as of recent?

Professor Park, thank you for joining us today.
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