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SAT, 2014-11-01  KST

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Seiler: U.S. working through "New York channel" for release of American detainees

Updated: 2014-09-05 04:04:35 KST
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Washington's new chief nuclear negotiator says the United States has restarted its own diplomatic channel with North Korea to secure the release of three American detainees.
Speaking at a forum in Washington on Thursday, Sydney Seiler (Sigh-ler) said Washington has been working through the "New York channel" as well as the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang to resolve the issue.
The so-called "New York channel" refers to meetings between North Korea's UN delegation and U.S. officials.
Seiler (Sigh-ler) said the three cases have posed significant obstacles to U.S.-North Korea ties and urged Pyongyang to act in a humane and right way.

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