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SAT, 2015-07-04 KST

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In-depth: Assessing Korea's start-up environment Updated: 2014-09-02 16:39:00 KST

Too much dependence on the nation's conglomerates and a lack of sustainable support for innovative start-ups have always been pointed out as the main problems of the Korean economic structure.
Recently, Google unveiled a plan to open up a new space for entrepreneurs in Seoul called 'Campus Seoul'. The news has gotten many excited about the possibilities.
Joining us today for a closer look at this topic is the CEO and co-founder of Korea-based start-up, Flitto, Mr. Simon Lee.

For our viewers who are not familiar with Flitto yet, please do tell us about the service.

Flitto was the first Korean company to make its way into Google's Campus London. How was that possible and what was the experience like?

Seoul will be the third city around the world -- the first in Asia-- to house Google's initiative. Based on your own experience, would you say Korea has the potential to nurture the country's young start-up scene?

What are some of the expectations you have for 'Campus Seoul'? Any improvements that you'd like to see at 'Campus London'?

Thank you.
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