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North Korea seeks upper hand in negotiations with South Korea Updated: 2014-08-29 22:00:26 KST

"Suggesting renewed dialogue with us after dissolving inter-Korean ties with a war game with the U.S. is the height of shamelessness."
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Initially staying mum about Seoul and Washington's annual military training that ended Thursday, Pyongyang finally said its relations with the southern neighbor will not improve, so long as the drills continue.
It gave an ultimatum to Seoul to decide once and for all to withdraw from the exercise, which it considers a war game, if it truly wants better ties on the Korean peninsula.
Late Thursday, North Korea announced it will not be sending a cheering squad to the upcoming Asian Games in the South Korean city of Incheon, blaming the South for not wanting their participation.
Seoul rebutted the claims in response.

"We are regretful that North Korea announced its cheering squad will not attend the Asian Games, after falsely accusing the South of contending against their participation."
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The North's hard-line stance comes as the two Koreas are anticipated to seek dialogue.
Pyongyang hasn't yet accepted Seoul's proposal for high-level talks, but experts forecast the regime will soon come to the table.
And with a line-up of thorny issues between the two sides, such as the North's demand that the South lift sanctions on their joint commercial projects, it's likely that Pyongyang is seeking to get the upper hand in negotiations.
Choi You-sun, Arirang News.
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