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SAT, 2015-08-29 KST

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UNSC emergency meeting called as Ukraine says it's under attack by Russia Updated: 2014-08-29 13:48:29 KST

The crisis in Ukraine is reaching new depths as Kiev says it is now dealing with a "full-scale invasion" by Russian forces.
NATO estimates 1-thousand Russian troops are fighting alongside separatists in Ukraine, as U.S. and British officials also confirmed the development.
In reaction, the United Nations Security Council expressed their outrage at Moscow.
U.S. ambassador Samantha Power accused Russia of "manipulating and outright lying", while *Russia's diplomat shot back and suggested Washington should stop interfering in Kiev's affairs.//
Earlier, Ukraine's Defense and Security council said Russian tanks and military vehicles had rolled in and taken a border town as well as other parts of the country's southeast prompting President Petro Poroshenko to cancel a planned trip to Turkey.
U.S. President Barack Obama, while playing down the reports, warned of more sanctions on Russia.
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