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Ferry probe bill paralyzes parliament Updated: 2014-08-26 06:33:10 KST

After the ruling party quickly rejected her proposal to invite the victims' families to negotiate the so-called Sewol-ho ferry bill, opposition floor leader Park Young-sun has given an ultimatum to the ruling party to agree to the three-way talks by Monday.

"The tripartite consultation, including the family representatives, would garner the families' consent and public sympathy. We will fight so long as the ruling party rejects the three-way talks."
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The ruling side did not budge.

"We need to think about what precedent would be set having the stakeholders participate in negotiations under representative democracy."
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The ferry victims' families are demanding that a probe committee, which includes lawyers and legal experts selected by the families themselves, have the authority to investigate and indict.
The ruling party says that would destroy the principle of criminal law.
And so the Saenuri Party floor leader's meeting with the victims' families bore no fruit on Monday, with the two sides only confirming their differences.
The months-long political discord has left parliament in paralysis, with a line-up of major economy and reform-related bills kept in limbo.
Ruling Party leader Kim Moo-sung on Monday urged the opposition to work towards swift passage of the economic bills that are closely linked to the people's livelihoods.
If the rival parties fail to break the impasse by Monday, it will not only further dampen President Park's economic and reform drive, but start a domino effect of delaying the parliament's government audit and budget planning for next year.
Choi You-sun, Arirang News.
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