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News In-depth: S. Korea and China: A friendship with limits? Updated: 2014-08-22 20:41:17 KST

So is there a limit to the Korea-China friendship?
For that we have our Hwang Sung-hee in the studio.
Before we get to the restraints on Seoul and Beijing let's talk about the phenomenal closeness between the two after President Park Geun-hye came into office.

When it comes to public opinion on the perception of warming Korea-China ties
The numbers prove it SIX out of 10 South Koreans think relations with China have improved under President Park
according to a poll conducted by the Asan Institute for Policy Studies earlier this year.
Earlier this year, President Xi became the first Chinese leader ever to visit Seoul before visiting Pyongyang.
Adding to the symbolic significance of the trip was a handful of security-related agreements, like holding high-level defense talks on a regular basis and setting up a military hotline within the year.
Previously, their ties were limited to economic cooperation.
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