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Kurdish forces recapture strategic Mosul Dam from Islamic militants Updated: 2014-08-19 20:32:53 KST

Iraqi and Kurdish forces have taken back control of Mosul Dam from Islamic State militants.
U.S. President Barack Obama said Monday that the victory, aided by American airstrikes, was a "major step forward" in the battle against I-S militants, who seized the dam earlier this month.
Obama also pledged to continue a long-term strategy to defeat the insurgency.
The dam, which is Iraq's largest, holds great strategic value as it controls the water supply for most of the country.
The militants targeted the dam as part of ambitions to expand its hold in northern Iraq, where they have driven back Kurdish forces and sent thousands of minorities in the area fleeing for their lives.
As the militants withdrew, they released a video message intended for the U.S., which said they would drown all of them "in blood."
The I-S fighters also warned that it would attack Americans at any time and any place, if U.S. airstrikes target their troops.
The fighters have threatened to advance to the capital of Baghdad.
Hwang Ji-hye, Arirang News.
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fatboyme (USA) 2014-08-19 22:00:40 KST    

Great news.