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MON, 2015-08-31 KST

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U.S. Attorney General to meet with investigators, leaders in Ferguson Updated: 2014-08-19 06:47:52 KST

Time now for a look through the international headlines we're following this Tuesday morning. For that, we turn to our Eunice Kim, standing by at the NewsCenter. Good morning, Eunice. (Good morning, Mark.) In an unusual move U.S. President Obama announced this morning he's sending his attorney general to Ferguson, where the National Guard is already patrolling the city?

Right. If it wasn't clear before it's being made clear now. The police shooting that killed 18-year-old Michael Brown is bigger than a local or a state problem and the president's eyes are squarely on it.
This move to send Attorney General Eric Holder is being seen as an unusually aggressive and swift response to assure the predominantly African-American community there that everything is being done to ensure that the truth is revealed and justice done. //
Meanwhile, preliminary results from a private autopsy commissioned by Michael Brown's family found that the teen was shot at least six times, including twice in the head.
It also said all the bullet wounds were to the front of the body, contrary to eyewitness accounts that said Brown was shot from behind.
A third autopsy is slated to be conducted by a federal medical examiner; results of an earlier autopsy by the St. Louis law enforcement was not made public.
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