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THU, 2014-10-23  KST

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'Roaring Currents' becomes all-time most successful movie in Korea

Updated: 2014-08-16 18:15:57 KST
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Korean period blockbuster 'Roaring Currents' has sailed past 'Avatar' to become the all-time most successful film at the Korean box office.
The Korean Film Council said the film, which tells the tale of Admiral Lee Sun-shin's famous naval victory against the Japanese in the 16th century, became the most-watched movie at theaters in the country as of Friday as it ticked past Avatar's previous record of 13.six-two million.
'Roaring Currents' only came out about two-and-a-half weeks ago so it is poised to go even higher.
The movie, directed by Kim Han-min and starring Choi Min-sik as Admiral Lee, is also the most successful Korean film of all time, having broken the record set by 'The Host' some eight years ago.

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