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Pope Francis' visit to Kkottongnae Updated: 2014-08-16 14:27:11 KST

Pope Francis' visit to Kkottongnae
Pope Francis is now in Korea's central Chungcheongbuk-do Province visiting a welfare facility for people with disabilities.
For the details, we are going to connect live to our Kwon Soa who is at the site.

Hi, Mark
As you know, Pope Francis especially cares for the poor and sick and for that cause he arrived here at 'Kkottongnae', or 'Flower Village' around two hours ago,
to meet with the disabled, and other residents here.
He was greeted by a huge mass of people around 30-thousand visitors came from across the nation who called out "Viva Papa" upon his arrival as he passed by them on an ___________ open car.
He kissed numerous children on the head and even tried to reach out to people leaning out of the car and stretching his arm out far.
He arrived at the 'House of Hope' where the sick, old and disabled were wating to be blessed by the Pope.
40 children with disabilites were among them, and he listened to their dreams, kissed and hugged them.
Afterwards Pope Francis paid a visit to the 'Garden of unborn children' to pray for the aborted children at the cemetery.

It was really nice to see the pope spending time with the children and the people who care for them down there. Pope Francis will remain there for the time being I believe. what are his plans this evening?

Yes, well there are are around 4400 Catholic believers gathered for an evening prayer, lead by Pope Francis.

The Pope told the religious followers to whatever their particular contribution to the Church’s mission is, to continue to promote in their communities
Saying their contribution is essential, for the future of the Church in Korea and throughout Asia.
After the evening prayer is over, the Pope will meet with a special delegation and return to Seoul by around 8pm, Korea time so in a couple of hours or so.

This has been Kwon Soa reporting live from Kkottongnae in Eumseong.
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