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Pope Francis meets with the youth of Asia at Solmoe Shrine Updated: 2014-08-15 14:40:53 KST

Pope Francis meets with the youth of Asia at Solmoe Shrine
After the Mass of the Assumption of Mary at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium,.. Pope Francis traveled further northwest up the country to the city of Dangjin, to meet with thousands of young people at the shrine of Solmoe.
Let's go over to our Kwon Soa who is at the site.
Soa, what is Pope Francis doing right now?

Hi Daniel, I'm reporting from this very special venue, in a huge tent at the Solmoe Shrine, where Pope Francis is having a meeting with around 6-thousand young Catholics from Asia, for whom this is most likely going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After the pope had a luncheon with members of the sixth Asian Youth Day in Daejeon, he arrived here in Dangjin at the shrine around 4:50 this afternoon, where he was greeted by thousands of Catholics, non-Catholics, and mostly the youth.
After driving through the area by car, waving to the people and holding their hands, he made a prayer at the Solmoe Holy Ground, the birth place of Korea's first priest Saint Andrew Kim Tae Gon.
The saint died at the young age of 25, just a year after he became a priest,. during a religious persecution hundreds years ago in Korea.

Can you tell us a bit more about this Asian Youth Day and its significance?

Sure, the sixth Asian Youth Day kicked off on Wednesday on the eve of Pope Francis' arrival in Korea, with Asians of 22 countries.
This year's event is celebrated with the theme, “Asian Youth Wake Up The Glory of the Martyrs Shines on You.”
Prior to the five-day event the pontiff sent numerous messages to the youth, had phone calls with them, took selfies, and gave them encouragement with three keywords 'Go', 'Do Not Be Afraid', and 'Serve' showing his great affection towards the young people.
Now at the meeting with the youth here at the site the youth from Asian countries like Cambodia, ___________ , have hold speeches, while Pope Francis made notes while listening to their questions, wished to be answered by him.

Lucky for those young people…. I wonder what kind of advice and good messages the pope has delievered to them. (6 )

Well, later by 7:30 p.m. a press briefing is expected to take place here at the Solmoe press center where a few members of the youth will be briefing us with what the pope had to say. The pope will be traveling back to Seoul afterwards.
This has been Kwon Soa reporting live at the Solmoe Shrine in Dangjin.
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