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MON, 2015-08-31 KST

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U.S. arming Kurdish pershmerga fighters with weapons in Iraq Updated: 2014-08-12 04:49:06 KST

Time now for a look through some of the other international headlines we're following this Tuesday morning. For that, we turn to our Eunice Kim, standing by at the NewsCenter. Good morning, Eunice.

Good morning, Mark. We'll begin with developments in the war against the radical Sunni militants in Iraq. The U.S. is now beefing up its support of Kurdish pershmerga fighters by supplying them with weapons.
Senior U.S. officials did not say which department or agency is providing what type of weapons, but the move does emphasize growing concern in Washington over the Islamic State's gains.
The move complements U.S. airstrikes which continued on Monday backing up Kurdish forces defending their capital of Irbil from the radical Sunni rebels.
I-S militants defeated Kurdish forces in the town of Jalula in fierce fighting that included a truck bomb followed by several suicide bombers on foot.
On Sunday, Kurdish fighters retook two towns from the militants- Makhmour and al-Gweir, about 45 kilometers from Irbil.
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