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Russia boosts troops at Ukraine border, prepares reprisal sanctions Updated: 2014-08-07 04:24:58 KST

Russia boosts troops at Ukraine border, prepares reprisal sanctions
Time now for a look through the international headlines we're following this Thursday morning. For that, we turn to our Eunice Kim, standing by at the NewsCenter. Good morning, Eunice.

Good morning, Mark. We'll begin today with the crisis unfolding in Ukraine.
There are concerns of a possible Russian intervention as the state is said to have massed some 20-thousand combat-ready troops at its border with Ukraine.
NATO said Moscow could send in boots on the pretext of a humanitarian or peace-keeping mission as Kiev gains ground on separatist-held territory.
Russia announced military exercises this week in the border area. NATO says there are tanks, infantry, artillery, air defense systems and various aircraft on standby as well.
Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered measures to ban or cut his country's agricultural imports from states that have sanctioned Russia though he has yet to specify countries subject to the sanctions.
Russia buys some $2.7 billion dollars worth of fruit and vegetables from the EU and some $1.3 billion dollars worth of agricultural products from the U.S. every year
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