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WED, 2015-08-05 KST

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WHO convenes to discuss Ebola emergency Updated: 2014-08-06 06:36:29 KST

We start this morning with the latest on the Ebola (e-bowler) outbreak in West Africa
As fears rise, the World Health Organization has announced that it will convene a two-day meeting of its emergency committee starting Thursday.
They hope to determine whether the current outbreak, which has killed almost nine-hundred people, is a public health emergency of the grave international concern.
A spokesperson for the WHO said the main subject of the meeting will be the Ebola epidemic prevalent in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
In the meantime, the second American Ebola patient has arrived on U.S. soil.
Nancy Writebol, one of the two missionaries who contracted the deadly virus in Liberia was wheeled into a hospital in Atlanta on Tuesday.
The patient, flown from Africa overnight, and will be treated in the same isolation unit as Doctor Kent Brantly, the other U.S. Ebola patient.
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