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FRI, 2015-07-31 KST

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Pacific's third super typhoon makes way toward Korea Updated: 2014-08-05 06:28:58 KST

Packing strong winds of over 50 meters per second, Super Typhoon Halong is making its way toward the Korean peninsula and is expected to be the strongest typhoon so far this year.
The storm -- named after a tourist destination in Vietnam -- began forming in late July and is currently positioned near the Philippines.
The storm is expected to reach Japan's Okinawa by this Friday, and Korea's southern island of Jeju is likely to fall in its path by this weekend.

"The typhoon can change its path depending on the contraction or expansion of high pressure in the North Pacific Ocean. By looking at the barometer, the storm will likely affect the peninsula this weekend."

Although it has been moving slowly, the typhoon has intensified along the way.
If and when it hits Korea, the damage is expected to be significant.
Winds of over 40 meters per second can turn over cars.
The approach of Halong comes after Typhoon Nakri struck the south of Korea this past weekend -- killing at least ten people and damaging several buildings.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.
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