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FRI, 2015-08-28 KST

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Heat wave alert issued for Seoul Updated: 2014-08-01 17:08:22 KST

The heat is on here in Korea.
It's not just hot - it was one sizzling hot day here in this country today. In fact, the nation's weather service issued its first heat wave alert of the year for Seoul earlier this afternoon.

For details, we're joined by Michelle Park.

Good evening. Heat wave advisories and warnings have been put into effect all across the nation.
And even though we're moving into the evening hours here, temperatures across the board are still in the thirties.
Seoul is currently at 34 degrees Celsius today,..and Daegu is at 32 degrees.

At this point it is really important to take care of your health.
Drink lots of water, eat regularly and protect yourselves against sunburns. So please stay cool and healthy, because we have even hotter days to come.

Thanks, Michelle. We'll check back in with you later in the newscast.
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