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FRI, 2015-08-28 KST

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WHO, West African nations to announce $100 million Ebola response plan Updated: 2014-08-01 06:28:44 KST

The number of people who have died in the largest Ebola outbreak on record has now exceeded 7-hundred mostly, in the West African states of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.
The Director-General of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan will meet with the presidents of the affected countries in Conakry today where they are expected to announce an intensified response plan.
The $100-million-dollar plan to fight the outbreak on a national and global level will send in more personnel and resources to supplement "overstreatched treatment facilities."
Meanwhile Liberia and Sierra Leone have now both declared a public health emergency dispatching soldiers to quarantine stricken neighborhoods banning public meetings for months and closing down schools across the country.
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