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UN human rights panel calls on Japan to provide public apology and compensation to its wartime sex slavery victims Updated: 2014-07-25 22:06:51 KST

Two victims of Japan's wartime system of sexual slavery visited the city of Glendale in California this week.
It's where a monument dedicated to them and the thousands of other victims, a bronze statue of a young girl dressed in traditional Korean clothing, is set up.

"Please help us, the victims, receive an apology (from the Japanese government) before we all die."

Lee Ok-seon says she was abducted by Japanese soldiers when she was only 15, and sent to a military brothel.
To this day, the Japanese government denies its military operated the brothels, despite a huge amount of evidence that shows the military did.
The two women, now in their late 80s, spoke out against some Japanese Americans and Japanese officials who want the statue removed.

"They're saying really inhumane things."

Both women will stay in the U.S. for another couple of weeks.
They'll travel to Virginia and New Jersey and to other monuments set up in memory of all those who suffered under Japan's cruel system of sexual slavery.
Meanwhile, a UN panel is urging Japan to provide a public apology and compensation to the victims of its wartime sex slave victims before it's too late.
The UN Human Rights Committee said Thursday that, after reviewing the records of several countries, it's concerned about the re-victimization of the former sex slavery victims.
The panel criticized the Japanese government for continuously denying its responsibility and even defaming the victims, rather than taking the necessary steps to help them.
The committee, made up of 18 independent experts, also noted that every compensation claim brought by victims has been dismissed, and every call to ask for independent investigation on the sex slavery has been rejected in Japan.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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