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Rescuers find black boxes from Taiwan plane crash Updated: 2014-07-24 20:58:52 KST

And turning now to another crisis in the air.
The families of the victims of a passenger plane crash in Taiwan have lashed out at officials, raising questions over why the aircraft was allowed to take off last night, during a typhoon.
The Trans-Asia Airways flight crashed Wednesday evening, local time, killing 48 people and injuring 10 others on board amid stormy weather as it attempted to make an emergency landing. at Magong Airport on Penghu Island.
The Taiwanese transport ministry has denied any wronging, defending that weather data showed the domestic flight had met safety requirements.
Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council is investigating whether the weather conditions or human error caused the accident.
Rescuers said Thursday, that they had recovered the black boxes from the Flight G-E-3-thirty-three, raising hopes of an answer to what caused the country's worst air disaster in a decade.
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