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Fugitive Yoo Byung-eun found dead; DNA of body found last month matches that of Yoo Updated: 2014-07-22 06:28:01 KST

The suspected owner of the mismanaged ferry that sank in April, leaving more than 3-hundred passengers dead or missing, has been found dead.
Authorities say DNA extracted from a body found in a field in Korea's southwestern city of Suncheon on June 12th matched to that of 73-year-old Yoo Byung-eun, the former head of Semo Group, which is the predecessor of the Sewol-ho ferry operator.
And as authorities wait for the final forensic results, the fingerprint from the body also matched that of Yoo.
While authorities still don't know when or how the fugitive died, they found bottles of alcohol near his badly decomposed body.
Unaware of Yoo's whereabouts, prosecutors renewed a six-month arrest warrant for Yoo earlier this week.
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