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Diplomacy at work, as Israeli-Gaza conflict marks deadliest day Updated: 2014-07-21 11:58:17 KST

Diplomacy at work, as Israeli-Gaza conflict marks deadliest day
One day after the deadliest day of the Israeli-Hamas conflict thus far, world leaders are moving including U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
Spokesperson Jen Psaki confirmed that Kerry will fly to Cairo today to work on a cease-fire agreement with Egyptian officials, whom - you'll remember - had proposed truce last week, that Hamas had rejected.
Meanwhile, the UN Security Council has convened in an emergency meeting.
They're discussing a draft resolution by one of the council members, Jordan which among other things, is calling for the withdrawal of Israeli occupying forces and lifting restrictions in and out of the Gaza Strip.
Sunday was the deadliest day in nearly two weeks of violence there leaving the most number of casualties on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides.
More than 60 Palestinians in *one crowded Gaza City neighborhood bringing up the total death toll to well over 400.
Meanwhile, 13 Israeli fighters were killed in an ambush that day -- they were all members of the Golani Brigade.
The Israeli military said it is investigating Hamas claims that they have captured an Israeli soldier.

wavettore (USA) 2014-07-21 13:53:19 KST    

As the Conflict will continue to spill border after border one Solution is there if Humankind is to survive.

As soon as possible the escalating World War needs to be defined only pro or against Equality.
The old Animals versus a new Humankind with their flags symbolizing two opposite concepts.

There is one Animal kingdom, its pyramidal concept still today observed even by the Human being, and one consequent fight for survival that in this structure is to remain constant.
There is also one concept called Equality that was always a puzzle.

Then, how could a new Humankind be set apart from the Animal kingdom and how could this change possibly occur?
It is not possible to Respect one Equality that is not understood.

The Solution begins with a new concept of Equality that is defined by a new discovery.

To recognize Wavevolution is to also recognize a sort of Equality which is neither financial nor Equality between man and woman but it is instead the Respect of a newly found common origin reflected in a new system of values sculptured in a new set of rules

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