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Israel resumes air strikes on Gaza, as cease-fire collapses Updated: 2014-07-16 10:00:00 KST

Time now for a look through the international headlines we're following this Wednesday morning. For that, we turn to our Eunice Kim, standing by at the NewsCenter. Good morning, Eunice. Israel has resumed airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, and warns of an intensified offensive after Hamas rejected a cease-fire proposed by Egypt.

That's right. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had "no choice" but to "widen and increase" its so-called Operation Protective Edge.
Netanyahu's vow to destroy Hamas' military capabilities came after Israel saw its first casualty in the 8-day-old conflict. Police say a man in his 30s delivering food to soldiers was hit by one of the 125 rockets fired by Hamas militants since Tuesday morning, when the truce was to have started.
Israel had held its fire for some 6 hours before resuming aerial assault Tuesday afternoon local time.//
Hamas said it could not accept a truce that offered no real gains for the faction particularly as nearly 200 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict. It called for more international mediation that could prevent future clashes.
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