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President Park faces tough political decision upon opposition's request Updated: 2014-07-11 22:48:41 KST

President Park has often been criticized for her lack of dialogue and communication with the opposition party.
She countered that criticism this week, by meeting with the ruling and opposition parties' floor leadership for the very first time.

(July 10, 2014)
"The president and both parties' floor leaders met for talks, and the fact that we're going to meet on a regular basis means we're restoring politics."
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A major development from Thursday's talks was an agreement to pass within the month a bill designed to prevent a repeat of tragedies like April's deadly ferry accident.

(July 10, 2014)
"The policy chiefs of the two parties will start negotiating the bill within the standing committees, with an aim to pass the special legislation on the Sewol-ho ferry in the July 16th plenary session."
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The ruling and opposition sides also agreed to seek passage of the government's post-ferry disaster reform bills and bills aimed at revitalizing the economy in August.
But with five of President Park's eight Cabinet nominees confirmed by the parliament, the opposition has specifically requested the president reconsider two of the three remaining nominees, for their alleged thesis plagiarism and false testimony.
Although the president can appoint her Cabinet without parliamentary confirmation, there's a big political risk if she goes ahead without considering the opposition's request.
President Park also has to think about how her decision could affect public sentiment ahead of the July 30th by-elections.
On the other hand, the president cannot afford any further delays in her government and public sector reform plans, after her two failed prime minister nominations.
Choi You-sun, Arirang News.
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