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SAT, 2014-11-01  KST

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Abe administration reaches final draft of collective self-defense reinterpretation

Updated: 2014-06-27 23:00:25 KST
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Japan has come up with a final draft for a reinterpretation of its pacifist constitution.
That paves the way for reaching a consensus on the change, which Kyodo News Agency says could come as soon as July 1st.
The draft says Japan will ensure that its history as a pacifist state continues, while adhering to is non-nuclear principles and pursuing robust diplomacy to stem the emergency of threats.
Japan has long maintained that it has the right to collective self-defense under international law, but cannot exercise it under Article 9 of its constitution, which bans the use of force to settle international disputes and only allows "the minimum" for self-defense.

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