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North Korea launches three newly developed projectiles into East Sea Updated: 2014-06-27 22:55:11 KST

 North Korea launches three newly developed projectiles into East Sea

North Korea claimed Friday that the three projectiles its fired into the East Sea on Thursday were newly developed state-of-the-art precision guided missiles.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was at the scene on Thursday and watched over the launch process.
The missiles were airborne for around 190 kilometers before landing in waters between North Korea and Japan.
The projectiles bear a similarity to North Korea's KN-09 missiles but the maximum range was 40 kilometers further than a KN-09.

"The primary goal of North Koreans aerial activities threatening other neighboring countries especially Seoul and Washington is to destabilize or solidify Kim Jong-un regime's survival. They want to make new pressure for getting back to the six party talks so called denuclearization process."

In February and March, Pyongyang fired off ballistic missiles and short range projectiles on eight seperate occasions.
In March and April, the regime conducted numerous naval exercises near the Northern Limit Line increasing inter-Korean tensions along the border.
Some experts say the most recent firing was initiated to unite North Korean troops behind Hyun Yong-chul who is the new minister of the People's Armed Forces after Jang Jong-nam was relieved of his post.

"In one way it could be seen as a test of the military's missile capabilities. It could also be a way to check the response times of the U.S., South Korea and Japan."

Following this latest test-firing, the South's defense ministry says it's on alert for additional provocations from the North.
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