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Fashion designers, media artists and IT experts collaborate on wearable technology art project Updated: 2014-06-27 07:19:42 KST

Fashion designers, media artists and IT experts collaborate on wearable technology art project

Creative collaboration among IT experts, fashion designers and media artists on various wearable technology projects is in full swing, ranging from pure art pieces to practical ideas that can be adapted into commercial products.
This individual tent, for example, will be folded into a backpack, once completed, so that it can serve as a wearable shelter.

"Basically the aim of this project is to create the minimal shelter in disaster areas."

His team came up with the idea after visiting Jindo Auditorium, during the Sewol-ho ferry disaster in April, where hundreds of suffering families of victims didn't have enough private spaces.
On a much lighter note, wearable technology expert Kim Younghui and her team are working on interesting clothes with alcohol sensors attached.

"We'll gonna have a sensor very close to your chin and mouth. When you drink little bit, this power shoulder will go up, also the color of the light gonna change to show how much you're drunk."

A Japanese media artist team thinks the key of wearable technology is establishing feedback system between humanbeings and wearable devices.

"This system can be used for daily life, so you can simulate anything."

He says the feedback system that wearable devices offer to the humankind will enhance people's awareness about themselves and the world,
just as this video installation art visualizes the interaction between shoes and the human, by capturing walking patterns.

"We believe our walking also tells a lot about us and our relationship with the Earth we're in and the time we're living as well."

This open art studio is just one of many collaborative projects on wearable technology that is currently underway, in a sign of growth for what may be the next big industry.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.
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