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U.S. Secretary of State in Baghdad to press Iraqi leaders Updated: 2014-06-24 22:30:00 KST

U.S. Secretary of State in Baghdad to press Iraqi leaders
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged "intense and sustained" support for the Iraqi government, as Islamic militants continue their violent campaign to take over the country.
With more on this story, we now turn to Paul Yi at the News Center.
Paul, Kerry has been meeting with leaders from both the Shia and Sunni sides.
Has anything tangible come out of these talks?

After landing in Baghdad on Monday, Kerry reassured that Washington would help Iraqi security forces to combat the Sunni rebels but stopped short of acceding to the government's request for U.S. air strikes.

Instead, the State Secretary has been pressing Iraqi's leaders to reach a political resolution by putting aside their sectarian differences to counter the insurgency.
Kerry's visit comes as the militant group known as I-SIL has gained control over vast territories in northern and western Iraq, including the nation's main oil refinery.
In a closed-door meeting with the country's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Kerry stressed that the country's very existence was under threat.
In the meantime, Washington appears to be resting its hopes on a peace deal between Iraq's Shiite-dominated government and Sunni rebels, although with I-SIL now in control of large parts of Iraq, such a deal appears to be far off.
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