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Fugitive soldier attempted to commit suicide Updated: 2014-06-23 17:00:44 KST

Fugitive soldier attempted to commit suicide
A conscript soldier, who killed five of his comrades this past weekend has been apprehended after trying to commit suicide.
The 22-year-old had been holed up and surrounded by thousands of troops on a hillside in Goseong, about 220 kilometers northeast of Seoul for nearly two days.
We now connect with Kim Ji-yeon , who has been following this story, on the phone.
Ji-yeon, the stand-off between the fugitive soldier Lim and the authorities came to an end after 42 hours with an attempted suicide.

Yes, authorities say the 22-year-old shot himself in the side with a K-2 rifle, that he is conscious and has been transported from a military hospital to a private hospital for treatment.
It is too early to tell if his injury is life-threatening, but authorities do say he lost a lot of blood from his self-inflicted wound.

"The military collected the K-2 rifle and ammunition from the fugitive soldier… who is expected to be referred to the military investigative authority so they can determine a motive and cause for the attack."

Authorities had been in contact throughout Monday with the sergeant, who had earlier asked to speak with his father by phone.
After the soldier spoke with his father, the father and his older brother arrived at the site to try to persuade him to surrender peacefully.
But the fugitive pulled the trigger on himself after saying he was already facing capital punishment for his actions.
The sergeant reportedly had written a letter to his family after asking for a pen and paper.
It's leading to speculation that the soldier had already determined to take his own life.
But the motive for the initial shooting still remains unknown.

What do we know about Lim so far?

Lim was on the list of soldiers that needed special attention as he had struggled adapting to military life.
He was deemed unfit for frontline service in a personality test last year.
However, months later, he was found capable of doing such duty in the very same test.

The series of events began Saturday night when Lim killed five of his comrades and injured at least seven others in a grenade and gun attack.
He later fled to an area some 10 kilometers from the military base where he opened fire on troops before being cornered by the military.
Lim had just three months left before he was scheduled to be discharged.
The attack is the latest in a series of carried out by Korean soldiers.
Eight were killed back in 2005 after a solider went rogue at his military base, and a similar incident on Ganghwa island in 2011 left four dead.

That was our Kim Ji-yeon, reporting on the fugitive soldier that killed five soldiers over the weekend.
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