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Live from world cup cheering Updated: 2014-06-23 03:40:22 KST

Live from world cup cheering
On top of the millions of people who watched in the comfort of their own homes thousands of Korean fans stayed up or got up in the middle of the night to watch the game on the big screen at one of the several cheering spots around the nation.
Let's connect to our Connie Kim who was watching the game in southern Seoul.. Connie?

Good morning Mark, unfortunately, Team Korea was not able to gain their first victory against Algeria on this Monday morning.
Today here in front of COEX in downtown Seoul more than 40-thousand people gathered dressed in red t-shirts with their red horn head bands with high hopes the Korean team could win their second match.
It was pouring last night,but the weather did not stop fans from coming out to cheer together as a whole.
When the first three goals came within the first half groans of disappointment came out from the large crowd.
But the atmosphere picked up with Sohn Heung-min scoring a nice goal.
I spoke to one fan who still has his hopes high for the next match between Belgium on Friday.
Right now I'm with Konstantin from Germany.
How did you watch today's game?
" "

Thank you Konstantin. Let's keep our hopes high for the next game.

Yes,. we all had high hopes for the Algeria games, but unfortunately it was not to be but Korea still has a chance of qualifying
So what's happening down there now?

Well, Mark crossroads in this area will be closed until 11 a.m. to help people move out of this area easily.
So those of you commuting to this area please make sure to take the public transportation.
Right now it feels like a lot of people are streaming out of this venue although we were expecting celebratory performances by singers if Korea had won.
Earlier this morning about two hours before the game singers such as Sunmi, AOA, SISTAR came out to cheer for Team Korea.
We know the cheers will be heard in Brazil on Friday morning when Korea play Belgium in their final group game.
Reporting live from Yeongdongdae-ro this has been Connie Kim and I'll be back within about an hour's time again.
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